Interview tip 4: Be Fully Rested Before Your Interview

Door: N. Rosaria-Devid 19-4-2017

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TIP 4: "Be Fully Rested Before Your Interview"

Make a good night’s sleep your top priority for the night before. You need a solid eight hours of sleep to maximize your performance, your focus and your ability to handle a stressful situation with confidence. If you’re well rested you’ll feel more relaxed, your answers will come more easily, and your fresh appearance will make a better impression.

Kadanz put some pointers that can help you to rest fully for that interview for the next day:

If you prepare well for the content of your job interview and empower yourself additionally with a good night’s sleep, exercise, and a pre-interview plan, you will be well prepared.

Next week will be about ‘Dress Code’ because that is one of the most important impressions you leave behind.