Interview tip 7: Etiquette

N. Rosaria-Devid
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TIP 7: Etiquette

One of the most powerful tools available ’Etiquette’. Your etiquette and people skills can make the difference between an adequate performance and one that will get you to your next job. Manners and respect are the underlying foundation of good relationships, and good relationships translate to success. 

  • Greet your interviewers as Ms or Mr
    Most people prefer you call them by their first name. When was the last time someone instructed you to call them by their last name? So, what's the big deal?
    There is minimal risk you'll offend someone if you do call them by their first name; however, when you call someone by their last name you are showing them respect. You are saying to them, I respect you and you are important;
  • Make sure your cell phone is off and not on vibrate
    The last thing you need is a distraction during one of the most important meetings of your life. People can still hear your cell ring in vibrate mode. Just leave your cell phone in your car or turn it off;
  • Firm handshake
    This is another non-verbal way to connect with people. You don't want your handshake to be too firm--especially if a man is shaking hands with a woman;
  • Let the company take the lead during your interview
    Sometimes when your interviewer is soft spoken or laid back you may feel the urge to keep things moving. Resist this. Let the employer run the show.
    One of the most common interviewing mistakes is talking too much. It's easy to ramble and over explain things if your interview is a person of few words and there are periods of silence. Resist this and simply let them set the pace of the interview;
  • Take notes during your interview
    Bring a professional looking binder with you so you can write down a few notes during your interview. This send forth a sincere interest in what your interviewers have to say.
    The other nice thing about having a professional binder on your lap is you can use it as a cheat sheet if you're nervous. Prior to your interview, you should have a few key phrases written down to help you if you get stuck and your short list with questions for them;
  • Your interview is not over until you drive down the road.
    In a few cases, I've known hiring managers to watch candidates from their office window as they exit the building and get into their car. So, stay in professional mode until your tail lights are out of sight. Also, you may also be observed arriving for your interview.

This was the part about how to act and people skills during a job interview. Stand by for the last topic “What to Avoid” of the series Interview Tips.
Have a wonderful day.


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