Interview tip 4: Be Fully Rested Before Your Interview

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TIP 4: "Be Fully Rested Before Your Interview"

Make a good night’s sleep your top priority for the night before. You need a solid eight hours of sleep to maximize your performance, your focus and your ability to handle a stressful situation with confidence. If you’re well rested you’ll feel more relaxed, your answers will come more easily, and your fresh appearance will make a better impression.

Kadanz put some pointers that can help you to rest fully for that interview for the next day:

  • Give yourself time to wind down before bed
    If possible, prepare for the interview in days prior to the interview so you’re not cramming the night before. If you are forced to prepare at the last minute, stop at least an hour before bedtime. Turn the lights down, turn off all screens, get ready for bed slowly and calmly and have a cup of tea or a shower to help yourself relax and unwind;
  • Plan well and leave extra time
    Have your clothes ready (next week’s topic Dress Code) for your big day, well before you go to bed the night before, and plan out your route to the location in advance. Leave yourself extra time to get there and plenty of time to get ready in the morning, so that you don’t rush;
  • Prime your brain and body with exercise
    On the day before your job interview, be sure to get in at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise. This will help you shake off stress and nerves, and will promote faster and deeper sleep the night before the interview.

If you prepare well for the content of your job interview and empower yourself additionally with a good night’s sleep, exercise, and a pre-interview plan, you will be well prepared.

Next week will be about ‘Dress Code’ because that is one of the most important impressions you leave behind.


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