Interview tip 5: Dress code

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Tip 5: "Dress code"

When selecting the appropriate job interview outfit, you need to know if the company culture is corporate and conservative or more modern and relaxed. Meaning you need to find out the appropriate dress code before your interview. To be dressed overly conservatively can be as damaging as being dressed too informally.

The next steps will help you find out what you should wear to your job interview at the company. If you are not going through a recruiter from Kadanz who can advise you on what to wear to your interview, take the following steps to find out the correct job interview dress code.

  1. Go and see for yourself
    What do the current employees wear to work? If you are unable to get the right information on the company dress code through your company research or your contacts, visit the company and see for yourself. If you live within reasonable distance visit the reception, lobby or other public areas such as Sales or Customer Service and tune in to the company dress code. Use the opportunity to gather brochures, company reports etc. that will help you generally to prepare for your job interview. Observe what the current employees are wearing.
  2. Speak to a contact at the company
    If it is difficult to get to the company you can phone and ask the receptionist, "Can you please tell me about the dress code at your office so that I can dress appropriately for my interview?" Alternatively, you can phone and ask Human Resources about the appropriate job interview dress code, they usually are happy to assist.

Environments such as banking, accounting, insurance and law often have a more rigid and conservative dress code. Work environments such as retail, advertising and sales may follow a more casual manner of dress. Once you know the type of corporate culture then select your interview dress accordingly.

We hope this post brought you more insight and we will be back next week with ‘Body Language’.


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